Every Witch Way

There I am at a Midwestern college school one of few Blacks attending, happy I wasn’t languishing at an alternative touchy feely West Coast institution or a pompous Ivy League bastion of entitlement and luxurious privilege, I was enjoying my nice safe bucolic environment devoid of any problems until I heard about the demonic witches plaguing my friend. My friend was a petite young blond blue eyed girl on her first adventure away from home, a naïve trusting 19 years old recently out of high school and had just quit her babysitting job, was far away from parental protection so the relentless predators descended  upon her like hungry vultures.

To say that Lilly (pseudonym) was carrion for the satanic scavenger accurately  described her dilemma, the warmth and youthful happiness had gone from her eyes and her rosy cheek were now ashen grey, Lilly’s whole demeanor was that of a frighten imperiled victim of her aggressors. She was told by these more mature collegiate icons, that she was now under their coven’s authority and she must unquestionably follow all their dictates, terrifying yes more so if this had not been the 1960’s when  college campus life  was “in loco parentis “ and even pledges were subservient to fraternity/ sorority members. Lilly’s problems were much more sinister and could mean the end of her fledgling college career, she was so panicked and distraught my young friend was a candidate for insanity or suicide, and I had no proof but I believe her condition was aggravated by some drugs they’d forced her to take.  I was about to loose a friend and good confidant to these demonic harpies, I was enraged inside but relatively calm on the outside, gearing up for battle with enemy I thought I didn’t know.

First things first, I informed my dear friend Lilly that sadly her time at school had ended, that my elders had taught me not to fight Evil but rather resist it, and in this case that meant removing oneself for Evil sphere of influence thereby releasing Evil’s grip on her. I had Lilly pack her basic essentials after calling her folks to say she was on her way, I escorted Lilly to the Greyhound Bus station where we pooled our money for a ticket to home and safety, and I tearfully wave goodbye to my young friend who promised she’d write as soon as she landed.

Got a letter from Lilly a week later, seems that her parents dashed back up to the school and retrieved all of her belongings, and she was recuperating at the family home, and enclosed in the envelope was money for my ticket contribution. I was happy everything had worked out, I could imagine being in a similar situation and helpless to defend myself…until it happened to me, it turned out that my most trusted ally’s at college were part of this coven and I began to feel more and more unstable as though I was being weakened by drugs. A good guess and I finally had to have the school nurse send me home, my parents fretfully awaiting my arrival at the Greyhound Bus terminal, and to my chagrin and utter embarrassment to school to retrieve my belongings.

I took me a couple of   month to fully recover from my ordeal, and I did wonder what had happened to my young friend Lilly, then a year later I was watching the Newlywed Game there she was looking happy and full of life as though this tragedy had never occurred.  Lilly and I unfortunately had run into devious people that altered our lives, but it’s a common occurrence for your young freshmen barley out of their teen and away from home and family, to have minor adjustment problems to complete nervous breakdowns.

The pressures to succeed academically and socially are enormous, one may have been the best in their class or the best in their state but find themselves achieving a much lower rate than their peers, and the academic setting can be disappointing for serious students with teachers more concerned about job security than teaching and other students on campus to ingratiate themselves with rich parents. Being at school to please family or community can make the four year process a drudgery, some students escape by alcoholic binge or illegal drug usage, other young immature students turn toward camaraderie with less serious students or find a romantic partner. The great lesson I learned from higher education was that I could have done well without it, but I did better in life by being in that complex and organized society, I played hooky from high school and attend University and adult art school classes but the commitment wasn’t the same until I was a registered older student.