Uninterrupted Power Source

“His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!” Matthew 25: 23

I was recovering from being homeless and a recent quintuple bypass patient, I had just found suitable housing but still barred from retrieving my belongings, you can imagine my surprise when I received the giant television that was a gift from God. This magnificent gigantic display was 52 inches, a smart tv that sported internet functions, with a picture display of the highest quality available.  It seems like a fatuous thing to  wish or pray for, something one can ‘t afford or truly doesn’t need, like most poor people I secretly harbor the notion that I don’t deserve such items of luxury.  We people of lower socioeconomic income are sometimes envious of the niceties wealthier people can afford, and act apologetic and embarrassed when we purchase items of greater value, even if these luxury items are gifts or articles from  discount or thrift store.  The assertion that my television is a gift from God received through prayer and patience, means I can possess it without it possessing me; I still am in awe of the almost 3 dimensional like images on my set, something my late mother would have loved to entertain her in her declining years.

The television takes a few minutes to completely warm up, then the picture is showroom perfection, but I worry that one day it will not come on or become flakey and no longer viewable. A year has passed and my premium mini theater remained faithful, until about three days ago when half the screen became perpetually dim, or after a start up period the left side of the picture had light streaks and uneven lighted areas. Out of desperation I tried several solutions; moving my new high definition DVD player further away from the TV, checking all my connections to various components, and after a day of problem solving  I resigned myself to having a broken TV. I became stoic and told myself this situation might reduce my boob tube watching, and it might be a good time to pound out some short stories on my laptop, and it might be a good opportunity to go visit my friends.  I was very stoic about my predicament; praying to and thanking  God for giving me  such a wonderful  piece of ingenuity in the first place, apologizing if I had taxed this poor thing to its breaking point.  I did kicked myself for not putting the television on an  Uninterrupted Power Supply, which would have protected it from power surges and poor wiring, it was too late now but maybe I could stop the problem from increasing.

The next day I plugged my big screen into my UPS hoping the damage wouldn’t increase, my picture returned to its normal clarity, and has remained a top quality performer  ever since. The problem had been over taxing my components on an inadequate power strip.  I had recently added a new DVD player onto the mess of modems , routers and accessory equipment. I of course chastised myself for not doing this sooner, and resolved to never do that sort of procrastination again…until next time. I told friends that my reliance on a proper power source, was an epiphany for me and a metaphor on my relationship with God, vital to my continued abstinence from alcohol. Being connected to the “right power source” keeps me viewing the big picture, adding too much on the same connection can lead to serious distortions, which allows me to see that flaw in others and deny the flaws within myself.

I get so busy on so many projects that none of them receive the proper attention they deserve, when I pay attention on a regular to my mental, physical and spiritual well-being, I have more time and energy to devote to secondary concerns.  At this very moment I’m nursing an aggravated cold, eating well, dressing warm and resting necessarily, plus vegging out in front of my big screen TV. I’m praying to God to get my  strength and motivation back, learn  from my epiphany  and seek a balance I can maintain on a daily basis, most importantly gain more empathy for the lives and problems of others.

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