Sound Bites (bytes) verses True Communication: President George H. W. Bush stated,”If you don’t like black, you’re Un-American!”

Yes, President George H. W. Bush did say that at the cessation of Operation Desert Storm celebration, the context is that just as he was introducing General Colin Powell, President turned to the crowd and uttered that commendation who seemed sanguine by the comment. During Desert Storm indigenous personal were referred to as “Sand Nigger” by insensitive American soldiers , who now use the equally objectionable “Hadjis” or “Ragheads” in Iraq and Afghanistan, but I imagine troops didn’t use the N Word around General Powell.. but soldiers say and crazy things in battle. My point is that for a long time Americans have stopped fully communicating, and began talking in short choppy segmented phrases, and we became indignant and petulant when people don’t understand our unclear comments. LOL (Livid Out Loud)


I am the king of ” phrases now and explain them later syndrome”, my Great Excuses are that I get nervous and loose my train of thought. I often want to hurry the conversation along out of fear, boredom, anger, or prejudice; I can become intimidated by the topic or person and feel inadequate to converse, or sometimes I just have the ubiquitous Brain Freeze. When I realize that the people with whom I’m speaking, are staring at me with a painful confused or incredulous look on their face that says, “What in the Hell is he talking about?”, I usually do a quick inventory of my recent diatribe and fill in the gaps. What this has taught me is to have more patience with other speakers, be able to tactfully offer that “I don’t understand the reference to…”, or confess, “You’ve lost me, because I don’t know what happened prior to that”. Sometimes if I ‘m in an unequal relationship, I have to stitch my superiors’ comments into some cohesive structure, or chance the ire of my insensitive boss who would be insulted if I said I needed his clarification. Honesty is the best policy the phrase goes, but discretion and tact are equally if not more important in conversations, but it can be so damn hard to say the words correctly (one of my favorite excuses).


So I was having lunch with Chuck Colson after the Watergate Break-in, and I was glad that Mad Dog had brought up the idea, it was not as stiff a setting as when we drank with the Klu Klux Klan.